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13th May 2007, 16:58
I live in a small town north of Chicago. I've had an obsession with amphibians since I was 4 or 5 years old.

I spend hours every day keeping up with all of my salamanders.

My colony of A.mexicanum (axolotl) has grown quite large over the past three years. I have somewhere around 300 of them currently, but I only keep 76 of them as my "permanent residents".

I also keep and breed: Triturus marmoratus, Pleurodeles waltl, Xenopus leavis (African clawed frogs...sometimes), Cynops pyrrhogaster (several subspecies).

I am attempting to start breeding colonies of Mesotriton alpestris apuanus, Triturus cristatus, Neurergus strauchii, and Triturus dobrogicus.

13th May 2007, 17:29
THAT is a lot of axolotls. Glad to have you on board.

14th May 2007, 00:40
Wow! That's a lot of axolotls! I hope to see you and all the information you must have around the forum. :happy:

14th May 2007, 00:48
are you going to sell any of your axies?

ps. i'd love to see some pics


14th May 2007, 19:55
Hi Jake!

Goodluck with those Strauchii and Mesotriton alpestris apuanus. When I used to live in Italy, i would see these in the local fish stores, and were treated better than any newt in a petstore in the USA I have ever come across. Beautiful creatures. I will probably be talking to you about axolotl in the near future possibly. How is your baby with the strange eye doing?