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7th June 2007, 00:37
Well, its probably time that I introduce myself. I have been reading from this site for the last two years or so. I first found this site when like many others I bought my first firebellies and was given no care instructions. After two sad deaths, I found this site and have been addicted to newts ever since.
I now have 8 aquariums of newts with six different varieties. I had two couples of newts breeding this spring for the first time. Pretty exciting for me, though I'm remodeling my house and don't have time to raise babies myself. However, I was able to find people from this site who were happy to do it for me :)
I have one paddletail, 2 warty chinese newts, 2 T. grans, 3 T. cristatus, 4 firebellies, and 5 baby marbled newts, and who knows what else in the future?
Thanks for having all this information available!

8th June 2007, 20:19
Welcome, Audry. It sounds like you are well on your way to a serious caudate addiction.;) I hope to see you on the forums!