View Full Version : What Should I Feed My Fire Belly Newt??

12th July 2007, 17:52
Im not sure wt to feed my (jap) fire belly newt?? please help greatly appreciate it at the moment i been givin it crickets but aint seen it eat any or anythin please help!


12th July 2007, 18:25
Well, if you aren't sure what sort of fire belly newt you have, you can look here (http://www.caudata.org/cc/articles/firebelly.shtml) to help you figure it out.

As for food there are many different options (http://www.caudata.org/cc/articles/foods.shtml). A lot of people feed frozen bloodworms because of their convenience and good nutritional qualities. Even better options would be blackworms and earthworms. Both of these are live food organisms and can be fed in the water which is probably where your newt will be spending the most time.

12th July 2007, 21:40
Its a Japanese Fire Belly Newt :) and ill give blood worms a try!!

13th July 2007, 09:21
Iv been in my pet shop gills and geckos ( http://www.gillsandgeckos.co.uk/ ) and got some frozen blood worms and mealworms this be all right??


13th July 2007, 19:58
Frozen bloodworms may be all right, if your animal will eat them. Mealworms, however, are a bad food option, and should be avoided. They have strong jaws, which can injure soft amphibian skin. Amphibians don't have strong jaws (like reptiles) and can't crush mealworms. And mealworms have a tough, indigestible exoskeleton, which can keep them from releasing their nutrients in digestion. Earthworms are a much better choice.

16th July 2007, 18:18
my newt is a chinese firebelly newt which is kind of similar to yours.he is very picky and will only eat live worms.

17th July 2007, 17:44
I now got waxworms and my newt happily eats frozen blood worms as well :)
But i also just orderd some live blood worms so should have them as well soon! :D

My Current Food Options:
Live BloodWorms
Frozen BloodWorms

17th July 2007, 21:13
I generally just use frozen blood worms. I have never had any problem getting my Cynops O. or Triturus crist. to eat them. I usually buy the one whose brand name starts with a "K". I can't remember the name. I tried another brand, but I didn't like the quality of them.

27th July 2007, 13:27
You could try mealworms like some guys said above. But itīs better you divide it in a half because it usually keeps alive inside the pets, on their stomache.
Have you ever tryed some baby fishes like mollys??

(sorry about the bad english guys..)

28th July 2007, 00:26
I have always fed my Chinese Firebelly Newts and my Triturus Karelinii live Black Worms. Ive also fed my firebelly small crickets before but the worms work better cause they can live in water.

28th July 2007, 01:43
Just use size appropriate, good, old-fashion worms.

12th August 2007, 18:23
Live blackworms
Frozen bloodworms
live earthworms (small in size)
small crickets
waxworms (as a treat)

Not sure, but they may eat 4 or 5 live brine shrimp

And if given the chance will eat baby guppies, but I dont reccomend this because store fish usually have lots of diseases.

20th August 2007, 00:32
i feed either blackworms or cutlets of earthworm. i did catch a fly the other day and threw it into the CFB tank. one swam up and carried him to the dark depths of the tank.