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16th July 2007, 17:42
Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I've had aquariums for several years now. I'm into breeding bettas, but randomly came across axolotls on the internet a few days ago. I'm looking to find a few online as they seem like great pets! This forum looks like it'll be perfect for research before I buy any axolotls!

16th July 2007, 17:50
Hello! With your fish keeping experience, you should have a leg up on axolotl care. They are really interesting animals and can provide a really awe inspiring display. This is definitely the place to read up on axolotls and to learn what you need and if you are ready. You'll want to start here (http://www.axolotl.org) at Axolotl.org. Don't be afraid of asking questions and welcome to the forums!

I should point out that Axolotl.org is Caudata.org's sister site and is run by the same man, John.

16th July 2007, 18:01
thanks! I've spent many hours the past few days reading both those sites. Easily the most informational ones I have found online! :cool:

16th July 2007, 19:54
That's what we aim for, Clefty!