View Full Version : cb '07 Pleurodeles waltl - 2 groups of 3 available

23rd August 2007, 09:44
Two groups of 3 x cb Pleurodeles waltl for sale. Recently morphed, ranging between 5-8cm in length. Feeding on chopped earthworms and frozen bloodworm. 100% aquatic.

Please register your interest in this thread or by PM. UK only.

Price: 10 per group which is to be paid as a donation to caudata.org. Once John has confirmed receipt of the donation the newts will be shipped as next day special delivery on a mutually convenient date.


23rd August 2007, 14:45
1 group sold. I forgot that the donations are in either US$ or Euros. With the current exchange rates the donation should be ~20US$ or ~15.