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13th October 2007, 08:07
Alright so here is the problem. I have two somewhat young adult axolotls in a 20-25 gallon tank (not quite sure). The male is an albino (no more than 5'') and the female is a wild type (about 4" maybe a little more). The filter for the tank is a Penguin 150 and I have a filter sponge placed right after the water wheel to slow the water flow. The female (Ni Ryong) is fine with the current water flow and shows no sign of stress but the male albino (Sa Ryong) does; his gills are sometimes pushed a little forward and when I came home yesterday I noticed that the female's one hind leg is missing so I know the male had something to do with that. Sa (the male) also has been getting these white patches on his tail and I thought maybe he was infected by a fungus (thought maybe that's why he bit off Ni's leg) so for the past two days I've been giving him a low molar (2 teaspoons NaCl in a liter H20) salt bath once a day for no longer than ten minutes as instructed by the website www.axolotl.org which led me to here. The white patches aren't that big (about 2mm in diameter if that) so I'm hoping that I'm nipping the problem in the bud. Also, when I got them from "That Fish Place" they told me that rosy red guppies were fine to feed them until they grew bigger but I've had them for about two months now and I haven't noticed any substantial growth so I'm also a little worried that they aren't getting the nutrition they need which also might be aiding the problem (plus the male seems to get more of the fish than the female so he's being fed more). I've reasoned so far that I need to get some type of worm food (blood worm cubes and such) so tomorrow I'm headed back to "That Fish Place" to pick some up and try it out. Please, after reading all this, tell me if there's anything else I can do (I'm guessing I might need to try a different filter even though the female seems to be perfectly fine even after losing her hind leg). I'm at a bit of a loss here. Oh yeah and the temperature is always kept below room temp (I keep the air conditioner on in my room on at all times and use an ice bottle). Please help me.:confused:

13th October 2007, 15:39
Do you have lots of hideing places for them. The male might be stressed by the fish. I would take them out and start giving them blood worms. You can defrost them in a small cup with some tank water use a turkey baster suck them up and them place them on a feedind dish (slowly) . That is how I feed mine. Might take a little getting use to for them might try droping a few right in fronyt of them. The female legd will grow back he probley thought they were a fish. They probley need more to eat. can you post a pic the white spots sound like they might be just color. Is the stuff fluffy?

14th October 2007, 02:30
Are you feeding them live fish or pre-killed fish? And are you buying feeder fish, or growing them yourself? Feeder fish are notorious for bringing in all sorts of diseases. I think you're on the right track, basically. Try some other foods and do the salt bath until the fungus goes away. Rather than the pet shop, I'd recommend heading to Walmart or a bait shop for nightcrawlers.

Hiding places, as Karrie suggested, will decrease the chances of injury, and also give them places without current. PVC pipes and things like that will work.

14th October 2007, 07:54
I have one of those fake tree trunks with an opening in the top, front and back and the roots are hollowed out giving them a hiding place. I also have leafy live plants that they like to hide in. At one point I had a turtle log in there so I might put that back in to see if they prefer that. Today I also bought frozen blood worms and brine shrimp cubes. I gave them each a cube before going to work today and they seemed to like it a lot so that's a relief. And after the second day of giving my albino his salt bath the spots are gone. I don't have any way to post pics up but the spots weren't puffy or anything but thankfully they're gone now so I'm not quite sure what it was. Oh and I fed the feeder fish to my Tiger Oscar (he's in his own tank of course) so that takes care of that. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.