View Full Version : Parasites and medication does not work

13th October 2007, 14:22
Hi everyone,

a friend of mine got some serious problems with her axolotls and the vets over here seem to be helpless (although she visited a vet with lots of experience on amphibia), so hopefully one of you might have any helpful idea.

The case is the following:
The axolotls are infected with two kinds of parasites (chilodonella and trichodina) and a fungus (Dermocystidium). Normally these pathogens infect fishes so we assume that she introduced them with some pond-plants.
They have been bathed in Toltrazuril (one hour a day for 9 days) and Methylene blue (for 3 days up to now) without success. The axolotls get weaker every day.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of infection and might propose a medication?

Thanks, Daniel

14th October 2007, 01:51
Hi Daniel,

Have salt baths been tried? I did some google searches for these parasites (as I am not familiar with them). Here is one thing I found regarding salt treatments for both of those parasites: