View Full Version : 2 axies free to good home - URGENT

15th October 2007, 12:25
I feel like a complete monster doing this, but is anyone interested in 2 juvenile axolotls? They're approximately 20cm each, one albino and one black. I'm interested in rehoming them with an experienced axolotl owner as these two are not very typical and healthy.

I suspect the albino one is massively inbred as he has no gills and six fingers on each hand. He has a healthy appetite, but just recently we noticed a lump (resembles a boil in appearance) on the righthand side of his body. The black one has one unusually large gill on the righthand side of his head, which is permanently bent forward - he hasn't been eating in the week and half we've had him. I know I'm supposed to feed him only once or twice a week, but he's snubbed the bloodworms and earthworms each time. I've tried my best to look after them (and yes, I'd done weeks of research before purchasing them, so they're not an impulse buy; I'm not rich enough to be able to do that), but I don't believe I'm doing a good enough job.

These two would suit an experienced axolotl owner with a decent sized aquarium and would know what they're doing. There's only so much reading about deformed/inbred axolotls out there and I'm not quite there yet. Please comment if you're interested or know anyone who is.

4th November 2007, 21:55
one question where did you get them?

13th December 2007, 07:29
I know this is a stupid question but are you sure they're deformed? One of my axies had no gills when I bought him and he has 6 fingers on one hand- but his gills grew back and his hand is kinda cute. I got him coz he was the only one left in the tank and no one else wanted him, and he's super healthy now. The lump could also be from swallowing gravel?