View Full Version : what is wrong with my axies eye

18th October 2007, 05:37
I'm very worried I dont know whats wrong with her eye,

18th October 2007, 12:37
Looks like he is blind on that eye. Could it be he hurt himself somewhere, any sharp edges in the tank?
You should watch it closely for any infection (fungus on the eye, red edges around the eye).

18th October 2007, 18:36
Hi Kassie,

Is there a growth over the eye? Has it just developed this condition or has it always been this way?

If it has always been like this then it may be that there is nothing that can be done otherwise there may be some treatments that you could undertake to treat it.

If it is a recent developement I would take it to a vet.

Good luck

18th October 2007, 22:18
Hi Click, It happened quite quickly about 3 days .We cant see any fungus present as that was our first thought,she is eating well,she can be very clumsy sticking her head in rocks we have checked for sharp edges but havn't found any it does look as if she is blind in that eye now so some injury must have occured

18th October 2007, 22:56
Hi Kassie,

From your photo it looks like your axie has sustained an injury and that skin has grown back over the eye.

I recommend that you find a vet that deals with exotic pets and get your axie in to see them.

Its hard to tell from the photo if it is a skin growth covering the eye but if it is it may be able to be removed.

If not axie sight is not great anyway. Main cause for concern would be if this injury is causing your axie any pain or discomfort.

Sorry I can't be of more help

Good Luck

18th October 2007, 23:12
Thanks Click, I think a visit to my vet that I have been going to for the past 15yrs with my dogs will be very wise,he looks after axolotls and all sorts of wild life

18th October 2007, 23:19
Your welcome Kassie keep us posted

19th October 2007, 01:12
I phoned the vet for appointment only to be told he is on holidays and the other vet dosn't know what to do,we have just fed her a worm and had a good look at her, I'm sure the eye has been injured and a skin has grown over it for protection,as she is eating I dont think she can be in any pain, we will examine her daily I'm thinking it might heal on its own, all water conditions are as they should be, It dosn't look as if there is much I can do

19th October 2007, 01:17
Just watch for signs of infection. Fungus (which usually looks like white/gray fuzz) can be treated fairly effectively with salt baths.

19th October 2007, 01:21
Okay will keep looking at her, at the moment no signs of fungus or stress