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23rd October 2007, 13:40
WWF just sent me their annual Holiday catalog. For donations of $25 -$50 and up, you can sponsor certain animals and get a stuffed replica of the species in question, including hellbenders, marine iguanas, anacondas, and other reptiles and amphibians, as well as a host of different and unusual mammals (including otters!). I find the idea of a cute, fuzzy hellbender very amusing.

23rd October 2007, 15:14
For me it's hard to imagine what a fuzzy hellbender might look like :confused: :D

Nice idea, though!

23rd October 2007, 21:50
Well, a fuzzy hellbender looks something like this (https://secure.worldwildlife.org/ogc/ogcAC_speciesDetail.cfm?gid=48).

17th November 2007, 21:41
I guess people do listen when I go on and on...This just came for me in the mail today as a belated birthday present from a friend of mine. A cute fuzzy snot otter of my very own!

18th November 2007, 11:30
Well now that's a nice present for a good cause! What will be the setup of the tank you choose? :D

19th November 2007, 02:49
Dawn, could you post a more detailed pic of your snot otter? I was thinking about adopting one of my own.

19th November 2007, 03:57
well the colouration is somewhat off, the pattern too regular and poker-dotesk.
Also one should note the lack of skin flaps.
A mouth would also be nesessary in the wild for feeding purposes.
I urge charity's/manufcturers to create a more accurate yet still cuddly bender from hell.
Also this particular hellbender appears to be of mammalian genus, interesting..
What are people's opinions on the possible existence of a mammalian amphibian?

19th November 2007, 14:30
Here you go, Kaysie!

Sam is right, there aren't the skin folds, and the coloration of the stuffed one is
more marketable...and it's 16 inches from end to end (not stretching out the curled tail).

I think I'd like to see a stuffed Tylo. shanjing!

19th November 2007, 20:44
How about a stuffed mudpuppy? That'd be pretty neat.

20th November 2007, 00:47
Well, it has a FEW skin folds... maybe it just ate a big meal (like a watermelon?) lol.

Didn't someone sew an axolotl some time back?

20th November 2007, 01:20
its a hoaxbender, you can see the label..

20th November 2007, 20:08
someone should start a line of Salamanders cuddelies! i sure would love to hold an axolotl or a live sized Japanese Giant salamander plush as i drifted into dream land....closest thing thus far ihave to a cuddly salamander plush is a pokemon wooper doll... hey, i found a billion cute axolotl dolls on Japanese websites, but none ship here and some are just really awsome homemade ones.Seriously there has to be someone on this board who can make things like this....

We been planning to "adopt" one of these for a while now, nice to see others are actually doing it.

21st November 2007, 05:03
I also have this stuffed red eft, but it wasn't a fund raiser, just a purchase.
It has velcro feet for grabbing, as in the second photo.
I think I might have some beanie baby herps, but maybe they're just lizards, and a snake.