View Full Version : Ambystoma andersoni?

24th November 2007, 18:07
in the german Reptilia magazine there is an article about Ambystomas. On a picture you see dead Ambystoma andersoni for sale at a mexican market - are there any specimen in captive care? The species seems to be quite endangered.

26th November 2007, 05:18
Following link is from amphibia web. There may have been some in research facilities but I have no proof, so it may be doubtful, according to other sources the specie was only decribed less than 30 years ago. There really has not be any reassesment, let alone field studies to this specie as with a few other neotenic Ambystomids of central Mexico to my knowledge.


I hope someone more knowledgeable in the neotenic Ambystomids of the Mexican plateau and related areas shed more light on this subject, reassesment and/or any conservation besides the current efforts with Xochimilco Ambystoma Mexicanum. i would love to know more, especially any recent publications dealing with these creatures.

30th November 2007, 20:43
You could try contacting they guy that runs this website. http://www.mexico-herps.com/ Probably the best online place for mexican herps that I've found

30th November 2007, 22:17
According to "Conservation status of the Genus Ambystoma of Michoacan, Mexico" by Dolores del Carmen Huacuz Elias they were trapped for food as recently as 2001. They are known only from a small area. My guess is their aren't any or many in captivity.