View Full Version : dapnnia wanted please

2nd December 2007, 00:49
hi, i'm only new to this whole raising axolotles and desperatly need some food for them before they start to hatch. Any help or advice on were to get food from would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

8th December 2007, 06:41
Hi I would Also Like To Know Were To Get Live Daphnia From Im In Taupo NewZealand Thanks Am Prepared To Pay For Shipping And Packageing

26th December 2007, 00:36
hi nells, you need brineshrimp eggs to raise baby axies, you can get them from pet shops. they may also eat daphnia, the only place that i know of with daphnia though in a plase in hamilton called goldfish bowl aquariums. hope this post isnt too late.