View Full Version : accidental pillbug culture

10th December 2007, 15:14
I am a keeper of tortoises as well as salamanders and in my red footed tortoise's tank the substrate is shredded bark (keeper's choice). i periodically pour a couple of gallons of water in the tank to keep the moisture up and a couple of weeks ago i noticed that after i put the water in at least 50 pill bugs were walking around on the surface, i later discovered that there were even more under the rock that i put his food on. i heard pill bugs are hard to culture so i guess I'm lucky. i just transfer a handful of bark over to my sal's terrarium every week and let nature take it's course. my red foot loves them too and actively looks for them after i add the water. since they are crustaceans i guess they might taste I'll shrimp, I'll have to see for myself :grin: