View Full Version : Field orientated members from Lithuania/Poland?

1st February 2008, 12:30

Are there any field orientated members from Lithuania and/or Poland? If there is any of you here or anyone familiar with those countries in any level considering of native amphibians (and why not reptiles as well) in those countries, I would like to get known with you. I'm planning a few separate field trips to those countries for the next growing season and would definitely like to share some knowledge, opinions and ideas with you. I also have some papers in Lithuanian and Polish languages and some level of translation help would be highly appreciated, even though I'm trying to study and learn both languages at the moment, for the further research needs in near future in those areas. This is a part of wider interest of mine dealing with the biology of freshwater wetlands, biodiversity and conservation in Northern Europe, including some parts of adjacent countries within a catchment area of Baltic Sea (I'm also interested in macroinvertebrates and plants of freshwater wetland ecosystems). Please do not hesitate to contact me by private message if I got your attention and curiosity on this.