View Full Version : Axolotls for sale

6th February 2008, 22:03
I have 4 leusistic (with some dark speckles on their noses) juvenilles for sale. I don't know the sex as they are still too small. They are approximately 10-12cm currently (one is a little smaller but not had any problems and he eats well!) and eating frozen bloodworm and axie pellets but seem to like any food given!
I have had them since they were eggs and only have room in my big tank to keep 3 of the 7.
I live in Edinburgh and would like people to collect as I don't think posting is fair to the little guys!

Please PM if you are interested
Thanks :D

16th February 2008, 17:34
I will be going to Manchester at the end of the month so i could bring some with me if anyone was interested in the area.