View Full Version : Best upkeep for Nightcrawlers (food, shelter) for long periods?

26th February 2008, 22:53
I decided to buy my newts these as one recently died and incase it was starvation (they were eating frozen bloodworms fine, than noticed they ate less and less) I wanted NC as bakup. I bought a 24 pack at walmart and keep them in the fridge. I tried feeding them last night and it looks like a half of worm is the most they can handle. SO I was wondering will these 24 last about 4 months alone? SHould I feed them something? How do I keep em alive?

26th February 2008, 23:11
Easy, plastic container placed somewhere out of direct sunlight between 60 and 80F.
Fill with shredded news paper and a handfull of topsoil, moisten(dont soak) and drop your worms in.

Feed with food waste, anything plant or plant based(eg potato peel, bananna skins, bread crusts) buryed an inch or so into the paper(They'll eat anything but fruit, meats and sugary scraps will attract other nasties).

You'll probably end up with more than 24 by then!

26th February 2008, 23:49
Ravenous, I also buy the Walmart earthworms. I keep them in the fridge in the container they came in. I do not feed them anything and most of them live for months this way (though I do occasionally find a dead, fuzzy worm. When this happens watch the rest of the worms closely as its likely that when one of mine dies, many more die shortly thereafter). Because I don't feed the worms I have wondered how nutritious they are after a few weeks, but because I feed a variety of other foods I am not too concerned.