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5th March 2008, 00:19
Caudata.org's N. kaiseri page: "In light of the endangered status of these animals, it is critically important that the animals now in captivity be bred."

We have five healthy 2001-2002 WC animals available for breeding (2 female, 2 male, 1 TBA). They are kept in individual terrestrial cages at ~15 C, 44% humidity, on a natural Pacific Northwest photoperiod. They are fed crickets and fly larvae weekly. They have been largely unmolested for the last 6-7 years except for by me (I lead school children on tours of our labs).

I am a graduate student in a herpetological lab that houses these animals. I am resourceful, my time is cheap, and I have been aching to try to help ever since I read your page on them. Before I embark, I have a few questions for this forum:

1. Are these animals too old to reproduce?

2. At this point in the year, should I induce a 40-50 day "cold snap" (5-10 C) then place them in an aquarium with gradually increasing temperatures (up to 20-25 C) OR should I move them to an aquarium ASAP (sans cold snap)?

3. Should breeding pairs be placed together in an aquarium or should I place all five together?

4. Any other general breeding/care advice?

5. Assuming we can generate healthy offspring, can you connect me with legitimate people/institutions with proper resources for caring for N. kaiseri?

Thank you!

5th March 2008, 01:20
Have you done a search on this site for all the info available? Here are a few recent threads:




I am also intrigued by the plight of this animal, though I don't have any. Good luck, and I'm sure people that know will chime in soon!

5th March 2008, 01:40
Thank you for your input. I have already read all of the threads on this board regarding N.k., but I still have some questions.

5th March 2008, 03:01
My w.c. and c.b. kaiseri are breeding right now. My guess is yours are not to old to breed. I'd set them up aquatic or aquatic with a land area and let them have at it. They do well in a colony. Your temps should be fine but it wouldn't hurt to lower it a couple degrees.

It's the breeding season and healthy N. kaiseri aren't difficult to breed. The difficulty is getting healthy specimens.

6th March 2008, 00:47
I agree that they are not too old to reproduce. Are they kept individually in order to reduce chances of contagion? From what I've read, aggression isn't a problem. I suspect that a cooling period would improve the chances, but I have no personal experience with this species.

Does anyone know... what is the current status of N. kaiseri studbooks for hobbyists? Is there an active one, and can North Americans join, or do we need to have our own on this side of the pond? (Sadly, I would say that zoos and hobbyists are always going to have separate studbooks, as hobbyists aren't very reliable in the long-term, and zoos aren't willing to deal with them. Being a herp lab, I'm not sure where you would fit in, but the zoo people might be willing to include you on their side of the divide.)

19th September 2017, 05:53
When should I start to lower the water for breeding Kaiser newts? I saw one article saying Dec through March. Is this true?.

19th September 2017, 15:07
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