View Full Version : 4 Baby fire belly newts free to good home

25th March 2008, 15:06
I have 4 fire belly newts that need a good home. They are all small at the moment and are happily eating frozen and fresh bloodwrom, daphnia and brineshrimp.

I am willing to split if needed.

Please reply to post or PM for further details.

based in Halesowen, Birmingham.

25th March 2008, 16:38
i would have them because i have baby fire bellied at the moment i could put them in with mine but would you be able to send them next day delivery??

24th April 2008, 18:41
Hi, do you still have these?

Are they chinese firebellies?

15th May 2008, 01:37
did you manage to get rid of these? im only down the road

1st August 2008, 15:18
I'm interested. I would pay as I see it nescessary to do so. Could you ship with courier, i'm in the Scottish borders?

Also are these guys aquatic, i currently have 2, and both prefer land at present

2nd August 2008, 03:08
my local pet store finally got some in. I'll try there instead