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29th March 2008, 17:54
It's spring! I found these in ten minutes in my paper traps.
It's sort of a spin-off of this thread:


These are actually areas I set up where I collect my worms, but it's still a bit too cold for the worms to come out. But the (black) slugs are out in full force, as the first picture shows:

Then I took pictures of the areas again where I collected.

Do newts rejoice? Yes, they do. My tarichas ate every last one, and they are HAPPY.

If anyone's wondering why Eddie and Elektra (my Tylos) didn't get any, it's because they only like the brown ones. I found two, which they got (labeled in last picture, because I'm procrastinating, I have to vacuum).

Yes, I know my yard is a mess, but I'm not cleaning anything up until it's at least 45 degrees out.

29th March 2008, 18:31
That's spooky. I've just come in from the garden with a tub full of black slugs myself...:crazy:. It's wet and miserable here in the UK and whilst wandering to the garage I noticed all of the new shoots in the borders were being ravaged by slugs. Eat my plants and you'll get fed to the newts. Revenge is sweet.

Now I've got to figure out how to get that sticky goo off my fingers. They should use it to glue the tiles onto the space shuttle.

31st March 2008, 04:17
I just found the first slug of the season in my backyard today (this one was brown, though). My tiger sal was very pleased. And Mark, if you ever do find something reliable for getting that slug slime off, promise me you will share! I don't know how my tiger manages to swallow those things...

31st March 2008, 14:30
I just ignore it until it goes away. That works with a lot of things.

Revenge is sweet.

Revenge is sticky.

31st March 2008, 23:09
nice, I actually jsut started digging up worms and finding pillbugs outside this past week

1st April 2008, 14:07
There's a warm misty rain right now, so I went out in the yard and got an even bigger haul of slugs than Saturday, including pillbugs and more worms.
A welcome collateral benefit to the paper traps is that they are excellent P. cinereus habitat. I saw 6 fat ones during my slug harvesting.

Another collateral benefit to sticky slug mucus, is that if you are a nose-picker, it sort of weans you off of that.

1st April 2008, 16:18
No doubt your redbacks are also feasting on slugs. No wonder they're fat.