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1st April 2008, 20:54
i am new to hobby but not new to the exstensive research that i do before set up,i have kept marine and tropical fish for about 17 years before just recently given up and have decided on dart frogs as i have always been interested in them i have also kept reptiles and fire bellies for a number of years so not a complete newbie.i have done some research already but would like to have any info that would benefit me before setting up,my first criteria is to have a tank in living room that can be planted for a show tank will be about 35gal can be max of 40gal, width will be 23" height 21" could vary depending, depth 15" could also vary, species must be bold and be able to be kept in a group,and how many without possible fights i have decided on d.leucomelas as i am just starting.
i would appreciate any help to see if i am starting off in the right direction also could anyone recommend where i can get them from that is not too far away from the plymouth area in devon
hope someone can help, paul

1st April 2008, 22:26
Can't help you with how to look after them but they have got some at endsleigh garden centre, expensive though!

1st April 2008, 22:47
I've always found dendroboard to be a great source of information for this.

2nd April 2008, 20:08
Thanks i think endsliegh make their own prices up will check out

2nd April 2008, 20:09
many thanks