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11th April 2008, 16:43
As other passions in my life have taken precedence, I have found myself with very little time to care for the large collection of amphibians I've acquired over the years. In fairness to the animals, I've decided I need to reduce my collection. Here's what I've decided to part with:

11 CB C.e. popei (8 newly morphed, 3 near morph) - $80 for the group of 11 or $8 each.

4 CB S.s. terresteris- $180, selling as group only

I also have, if you're interested, 2 Leptopelis vermiculatus (big-eye treefrogs) and 1 adult Ceratophrys cranwelli (horned frog). $10 for the two treefrogs and $10 for the horned frog.

Shipping will be done UPS overnight. I can't give you an exact cost for shipping now, but it will likely be around $30. I'd prefer not to ship, so if there is anyone interested within a few hours of Sacramento, let me know and we can make arrangements to meet up.

18th April 2008, 19:25
The S.s. terrestris have been spoken for.

The popei are still available and a correction, there are actually 12, not 11.

23rd May 2008, 14:06
Coloration on the Cynops ens. popei is black with yellow spots, correct? What's the length on the newly-morphed and what's their max length?