View Full Version : Newts in your pond and garden by James Grundy

7th May 2008, 19:45
This is written and published by James Grundy for the native newts of England, these being the smooth newt, the palmate newt and of course the Great crested newt.
It contains over 60 photographs and divided into easy to read and follow chapters. I particularly appreciated the newt photos. It informs you on how to tempt newts into your garden and pond. Having read this wonderful little book ( A4 size) I realised that my plans for a newt friendly pond would not work, it prevented me from making some quite big mistakes. The book also contains information on how to monitor and record your newts, observing and handling newts and useful contacts.
I ordered my copy through Amazon.

7th May 2008, 19:50
I ordered a copy from James directly through Ebay. A fantastic, informative book with lots of clear photos of our native species. Sound advice on how to set up and maintain a newt pond in your garden.

Thumbs up-a great read!