View Full Version : Neurergus larvae 2008

8th June 2008, 01:48
Sorry about the bad photos. But I have to show off this year's babies: N. strauchii and N. kaiseri. The kaiseri are being raised from someone else's eggs, I have no adults.

Some of the strauchii larvae this year are lighter colored, as the one in the foreground. I expect they will all turn out with the usual color, though.

8th June 2008, 02:04
As usual, nice lookin babies Jen. approx how old are they and what are the average lengths?

8th June 2008, 02:14
Gorgeous animals, Jen! I had no idea that you kept N. kaiseri. Did they prove difficult to cycle for breeding? Are they just plain difficult?

Steve Roman
8th June 2008, 02:52
They are great looking, I'm jealous :cool:

8th June 2008, 03:12
Gorgeous looking animals! I look forward to seeing morphlings!

8th June 2008, 03:49
The strauchii hatched around the end of March or early April, and they are around 1 to 1.5 inches. The kaiseri hatched March 10-14, and they are at least 2 inches and beginning to show the characteristic kaiseri colors.

I don't have any kaiseri adults, Abrahm. Someone else's eggs found their way to my door. But from what I hear, they aren't difficult to cycle; unlike strauchii, they don't even need to get particularly cold.

Thanks for the positive comments, though I don't think the photos are worth much praise, haha.

8th June 2008, 03:59
Those are some amazing animals Jen! You're lucky to have them;)

8th June 2008, 09:17
Go Jen! Good luck with the wee ones.