View Full Version : Juvenile Axolotls - South Devon

8th June 2008, 14:33
I have a number of white (or possibly golden, difficult to tell) juvenile axolotls. All about 3" long, eating anything; bloodworms live or frozen, dendro worms, daphnia, brine shrimp, pellets (hard and soft) etc. Very friendly, hand-feeding now. I just have too many!

If you can collect from South Devon, I will offer them at only 5 each as they are growing fast and I feel they deserve more space.

These are VERY cute babies, with pink fluffy gills. Happy, healthy and waiting for someone who wants a day out at the beach in Torquay, and will collect them and take them to a good, loving and knowledgeable home.

If I MUST post (UK ONLY), I have to charge an extra 6.50 per package and they will be sent for next day delivery. I never sleep the night I've posted them, 'till I hear they've arrived safely. They always do, but I still worry...

8th June 2008, 18:56
have they got black eyes or pink if there black there lutistic and if there pinky they are albinos. would you post to lincolnshire uk i will let you know how they get on also when they arrive.