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10th June 2008, 12:54
Salamander Rock: A Pop-Up Counting Adventure (Young Children's Book)
written by Matt Mitter, illustrated by Karen Viola (Pleasantville, NY: Reader's Digest Children's Books, 2008) 12 popping pages.

This is a simple counting book starring salamanders. The gimmick is foam pop-up animals that make the animals unnaturally long in either body or tail. All the animals are on their way to a party and the reader counts them as they go.

Yeah, it's some party! At one point the book asks, "How many mushrooms have purple spots?" That should give you an idea what kind of party it is. I don't know how the authors of this book could count when they were obviously on psychadelics.
Jokes aside, it's a nice counting book. If my nephews ever get over their fear of lizards and come to my house again, I'd read it with them.

You may be asking, what is this childless woman doing with children's books? To clear up this mystery, let me state that I find children's books charming even though I don't find children themselves very charming. I usually keep them for a while and then give them to people I know with kids.

10th June 2008, 13:09
Those, poor, poor dancing crickets... They don't even know what's going to happen next!