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10th June 2008, 17:18
This is a quick tutorial in how to post pictures into a thread at Caudata.org.

First begin to post a message as normal by clicking on "Post thread" or "Post reply." Enter your message text now or after you attach your photos.

To attach the photos scroll down below the text box and below the "Submit" button and past the "Additional Options" green bar. The second boxed area in this section has a button "Manage Attachments," click this. (see image 1 below.)

This will bring up a window which lists maximum sizes for the various types of files that may be uploaded. Make sure your picture meets these requirements, if not please resize them with another program (i.e. MS Paint).

To post pictures from your computer click on one of the "Browse" buttons. Navigate your computer to the picture you wish to upload and select ok on the dialog. (see image 2)

If you want to add a picture from the internet enter the URL into the text boxes without buttons below the "Browse" button boxes.

Click "Upload" on the popup window (the same one with "Browse" or the box for URLs) the image will appear below the uploading box. (image 3)

Now you can exit out of the window by scrolling to the bottom and hitting the "Close this Window" button or by clicking the "X" or red dot in the corner as you would any normal window.

Post your message and your images will be added!

28th November 2009, 00:34
There are two other methods of posting photos available for people who have photos in the their personal albums and in the main photo gallery.

Posting Pictures from your Personal Album
Open the photo you want to post. You'll notice that the beneath the photo is a text box labeled BBCode (see first image below). Copy the contents of this box and post it where you want in the post.

Posting Pictures from the Main Photo Gallery
In the main reply window to the right of the text box and below the smilies is a link that says Images (see second image below). Click on this list to bring up a window that will contain all the images you have posted to the Gallery. Click on one of these images to automatically insert the code into your post.

18th May 2015, 20:39
Thanks so much for your help!