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5th July 2008, 10:16
Hello everyone.
hoping someone will reply to this as i think the update on the other post got missed.

I'm starting to get to the point where i want to tear my hair out.

got a new little girl a month or so back, and she wasnt happy, she'd had a long car journey, and was bloted a bit. and she was stressing really badley (sp?) only had the most minisulest bit of pellet. so i thought she was constipated, gave her a few days to settle down, and the plan was to fridge her if there was no movement. there wasnt and she got a bit of fluff on her gill. so she whent straight in the fridge and i started giving her salt bath's. four day's later fluff had fallen off,
all's well i thought, and as there was a little warm snap here, i decided to keep her in the fridge a bit longer (the tank that is hers was getting up to 22 thats why i decided to keep her in the fridge, it also gave me time to sort out a way of keeping that one lower, i have another two lottle tanks that stay at 19, and even when its well hot they dont get above 21)

so anyway. the fungus came back while she was in the fridge, and boy has it come back with a vengance.

her gills are getting smaller (not sure if that is because she is in the fridge) but also because she has fungus on them as well, she has got it on three of her feet, and now it looks like the tip of her tail as well. she is starting to get a red line round what i would call her ankle, so i think the fungus is starting to i'm not sure what, but infect internally i spose.

i have been giving salt baths daily for about a week and a half now, (i cant do twice a day) and offering her food at every water change. she has only once taken anything and it was the most tiny bit of fish, i know the apitite is surpressed when in the fridge, and she dosnt seem to have lost weight, she has passed one motion when she first whent in, (small and solid) but if she is not eating would it be unusual not to see any more.

sorry for the long long post, trying to get it all in.

basically what can i do now. the fungus is not comming off with the salt baths this time, there just getting worse. is there another step i can take, or is it just persiverance.

help please

thank you.


oregon newt
5th July 2008, 18:36
The shrinking gills are signs of stress, which may be because of the disease. I would keep giving the axolotl salt baths, but you could also try Holtfreter's solution.

The red line sounds like the red leg bacteria which can also be treated with Holtfreters solution and antibiotics, but I'm not sure if you should use antibiotics yet. If you do a good one is Furan-2, but be careful with other meds because they could cause harm to your axolotl.

Last, make sure your changing the water that your axolotl is sitting in. Also, I would also check the water parameters in your main tank to make sure they are o.k. Read tis link http://www.axolotl.org/health.htm it has good information on diseases.

5th July 2008, 23:58
Since the salt baths aren't working, I believe Will's right that there is something here besides fungus. I don't know what kind of treatments are available in the UK. If it were me I would start using some kind of antibiotic as soon as possible. Help from a vet would be advisable.

6th July 2008, 10:47
Where about's are you In Bedfordshire ( you may be local to me!)

6th July 2008, 13:34
Hi guys, white on the gills may not be fungus. When a part of the gill dies off, this could be due to more oxygen in the water (perfectly natural) - Axolotl gills go a little white for a few days, before they (I assume) drop off.

Personally I'd quarantine (if with other Axies) and just keep an eye on him/her for a few days before doing anything. Salt baths and sticking them in the fridge should be a last resort in my opinion.

7th July 2008, 14:58
hi all
and thanks so much for the help.
but im afraid it's now too late. i was changing the water everyday. and she was having salt baths every day. the red that was lining up her legs was troubling me, and i had no chance to get her to a vet. I think it was more than just fungus, but that was obviousley all it took to kick off whatever else it was, at least i know that in the fridge she was no longer stressing, not much comfort i know but all i have for now. she had been in the q tank on her own, before she whent in the fridge.

p.s. im in dunstable.