View Full Version : lethargic fire salamander..

29th July 2008, 00:46

my fire salamander has been sitting in about the same spot under a log for about two weeks.. the temperature is a steady 65 degrees, his tank is moist, but not wet.. he'll eat crickets when i put them in front of his face, but it's really unlike him to stay still.. even late at night, he doesn't come out. do you know what could be wrong with him?

.. also: is this the right place to post this?..


1st August 2008, 01:40
Yes, this is the right place to post this.

Salamanders will sometimes become more active or less active with no obvious reason. It could be just a random fluctuation in behavior. A well-adjusted non-stressed fire sal isn't really a very "active" animal.

What kind of substrate do you use in the tank?