View Full Version : tweaser feeding problem

1st August 2008, 20:10
HI all:D:D! i have 4 chinese fire bellied newts and i was forced to seperate and tweaser feed waxworms to a juvinile.Anyway he was starting to get better so i fed him some frozen blood worms but he did not eat them so i tried again but he still wouldnt eat them so i tried the waxworms in the tweazers but i am worried as i cannot leave the house for more then 3 days and i know that eventually get fat with waxworms.Could anyone give me some advice to get him to start eating on his own?thanks.


2nd August 2008, 01:18
If he's eating from tweezers, I would say just keep doing that for now. If he's well-fed, he can go for a week or two without food (which is safer than asking someone else to feed him when you are away). Due to the fat content and lack of calcium in the waxworms, I would suggest switching to chopped earthworms. Also, you could try "teaching" him to accept the bloodworms by first getting him in the habit of eating from tweezers, then offering bloodworms via tweezers for a while.

By the way, please use proper capitalization, punctuation, and a better approximation of grammar. Your writing is difficult to understand.