View Full Version : What's a good species to keep in South East Asia?

Saint Splatterg
8th August 2008, 01:14
Hello keepers.

I have a question to ask all of you. But first, some background.

I live in a tropical country in South East Asia. It's very humid here, and humidity often reaches 100%. The temperate here goes from 22 C to 34 C (72 to 93 F). Newts I have seen being sold are usually either Shanjing species or Fire bellys.

I used to have a fire belly and I had it for almost a year. I'm thinking of keeping another one, but before that, I want to do even more research to ensure that it survives as long as it can! I've read almost all of the relevant FAQs (Cooling, General FAQ, species Care Sheet, Filters) so I'm definitely not lazy. I also scratched my head over the Cycling article. I want to do all I can for my future darling newt.

My question is, which species should I keep given the climate here? Is it possible for a fire belly to thrive here?

I am determined and am willing to drop ice cubes (dechlorinated, of course) every evening, air condition it every night etc etc. Just please let me know what else I can do!

P.S. I have not determined what sort of Fire Belly (orientalis or pyrrogaster) they keep at this farm here. I will let you guys know after I have made a trip there.

Many thanks in advance,

8th August 2008, 21:01
I apologize in advance but I am totally unfamiliar with SE Asian housing in general. With that said do you have a basement? I'm guessing not. You mentioned running an AC unit at night. Is there anyway that you could run AC in a room throughout the day and perhaps turn it off at night if the temperature allows? Do you have frequent power failures and if so could you install a backup generator? Otherwise if you are going to be exposing a salamander to temperatures that may reach 93 f then I do not believe that there are any options. I have read that C. ensicauda popei can withstand higher temps as well as some Paramesotriton species however others with more experience with these species would have to chime in, and again I think that 93 f would be pushing it. Are there any native species in your general region?

Saint Splatterg
9th August 2008, 00:22
Many thanks for your reply, Foster Reves. Please don't apologise!

Yes, I can keep the A/C on amd luckily we almost don't suffer from power failures at all! I have a hunch that C. ensicauda popei might be available at the farm... I'll have to go check. Also, I don't think there are any native salamanders here... I could be wrong, but I've never seen one or heard anyone mentioning it. I just did a check on Google and there were no results.

I think what I'll do is this. I will go to the farm sometime and see how they're keeping the little critters alive. Cuz from what I heard, they have TONS of them.

Another question I want to pose: I haven't seen this mention in the Setup articles... what sort of lighting would be good for a tank that's about a foot long?