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11th August 2008, 14:39
a new salamander species will be described in the next issue of Acta Zoologica Sinica:
A new species of salamander (Pachytriton archospotus). from Hunan Province, China (Amphibia, Salamandridae) (http://www.actazool.org/paperdetail.asp?id=10872&volume=54&number=4&bgpage=645&endpage=652&year=2008&month=None) SHEN You-Hui, SHEN Duan-Wen, MO Xiao-Yang
Acta Zoologica Sinica, Vol. 54, issue 4

see the abstract here:

Mian, thanks for information!

Blackhawk IV
11th August 2008, 20:31
Interesting. Is this one of the A,B,C or D species that are finally being given names? Or is this a totally new species?


12th August 2008, 06:35
I doubt if its a A, B, C, or D after reading the abstract. The new species seems to be very similar to P. brevipes, except for some craniological differences. Colouration is the same as P. brevipes (pale with black dots), which as far as I know is not characteristic for any of the A etc species.

Expect more new species to come!