View Full Version : Beautiful Juvenile Axolotls for sale collect from Bristol

16th August 2008, 12:51
Hi we still have some beautiful juvenile axoltols available for sale

They are approx 4 inches long, they are light in colour with red gills & some have black flecks,
The father is a golden axolotl and the mother is white with small black flecks on her nose
They are all fully formed and are healthy, eating well on frozen bloodworms and earthworms
As you can imagine they are unususal pets and make a great talking point
These are unsexed as wont reach sexual maturity until they are about a year old.
As we live in Bristol they are collection only. (Although if you are local we may be able to deliver them to you) We are now charging 6 each and if you are intrested please email us markplumz@aol.com (markplumz@aol.com) or beccaplumz@yahoo.co.uk (beccaplumz@yahoo.co.uk) or phone/text us on 07900055261.
if you would like us to we can email you photos of the juveniles and parents
All the best Becca :p