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little high
27th August 2008, 05:48
Hi To All,
We currently live on the gold coast in queensland. We are 1 female & 1 male Leucistic Axolotyl's, 1 Wild Type Axolotyl & 1 Golden Albino Axolotyl (currently livving in fridge at 7 degree being treated with salt baths for fungus.) We have a wonderful 4ft tank on a stand complete with sand & rocks, external canister filter to keep our home clean, aquarium light for the plants we love to cllimb in - (Yellow Lilly, Bannana Lillies, Plenty of Elodea, Ambulia & Floating Pond Weed.) All our accesories and even a worm farm for us too eat aswell as our treats 1kg frozen chicken liver in portions. Sadly our loving mummy who saved us from nasty pet shops has to move a long way a way so we are looking for a new one. If anyone can help us to stay as happy and healthy as we are please let us know.

Roxy, Rexy, Froggy, Freddy & our sad mummy Nat:(

27th August 2008, 14:16
babe thats so sad! i'm so sorry you have to leave them! you sound like they mean a great deal to you. i live in victoria though! if you need somewhere for them to go as a last resort, and can get them to me i would be happy to have them, i'll be honest, i am quite new at this and not very confident, but i have a great support system on here that can help me out. so if you can't find anywhere better, give me a yell.
good luck! xxx