View Full Version : mantellas?

20th October 2008, 19:57
Where can you buy mantellas? Are there any captive bred OR are they all wild caught??

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :wacko:

21st October 2008, 04:29
Mantellas are tough to find. They used to be really common in the hobby when they were being imported, but fortunately that practice has nearly ceased. I'm not really sure about the rules for posting dealers and such, so I won't post any specifics. The forum dendroboard.com has information on mantellas and there are a couple dealers that advertise there that sell captive bred mantellas.


21st October 2008, 23:41
Ha, you and me both. There's one offering of M. pulchra on Kingsnake, from what I've read most are wild caught. Reptiles Magazine just published a really good and in depth article on this mantellas.