View Full Version : Feeding Behavior

25th October 2008, 15:58
I've fed my new Juvenile Tigrinum 4 times now, so it's eating and healthy. But for some reason when ever I put the food (only earthworms so far) next to him, he notices it, nudges it around but does not bite it. However the minute I put it in his water dish he promptly crawls in and consumes it happily. Is this normal behavior? The first time I fed him he was in the water dish, so I'm geussing this is the main reason. Is it alright to keep doing this or should I encourage him to not do this?

26th October 2008, 14:21
No one know?

26th October 2008, 15:08
it might be that since hes a juvenile he's still a little confused about where he should be eating. Those long wet days he spent as a larva might be holding him to the wet feedings.

26th October 2008, 16:52
Yeh I figured that. Should I encourage him not to or just leave it up t him where he eats... I don't see anything wrong with allowing him to do it.

27th October 2008, 00:34
I agree - I don't see anything wrong with feeding him in the water.