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15th November 2008, 05:33
What should we look for in determining that a pair has bred? Where would female deposit egg clutches? Should I expect her to lay in moist or wet areas? When does male take over? would she stay within "nesting point".
(My mom has a pair...)

15th November 2008, 13:13
I'd put a coconut hut in the tank. Inside the coconut hut put a petri dish, lid to a pringles cank or something like that. D. tinctorious will lay eggs on something like that most of the time. The female should lay a small clutch of eggs that the male will fertilize right away. For best hatch rate I used to remove the eggs and hatch them in a delicup. If left in the tanks usually not as many tadpoles survive.

16th November 2008, 07:27
What should we look for in determining that a pair has bred? Where would female deposit egg clutches?(They have provided the "hut". Is the plastic lid that needed?) I restate, because my mom's female has created a small burrow running under a "real" log. She(the frog) has stayed in the retreat and seems to be staking it out. Even feeding at the entrance(probably). She has not come out to feed with the male, as in the past, but has not been described as thinning. is there any probability of her laying in this retreat?

16th November 2008, 14:16
The plastic lid is needed. They will lay right on it most of the time. If not they will lay on leaves (especially leaves that overlap). They can also stick eggs to glass.

17th November 2008, 17:57
Thanks a lot! So why do you think she burrowed under the log? Should we be worried?

16th April 2009, 19:36
The Coconut hut with the petri-dish will def work. Basically they will breed in any "love hut" you provide for them, as long as there is a smooth surface for them to lay the eggs on. As for when to look for eggs, a good indicator is when the male calls and strokes the females back. He kinda coaxes her to the hut. If you check the hut the next morning, there should be a clutch.


21st September 2009, 01:47
It is now 9-20-09, and my mom's (oakivy: http://www.caudata.org/forum/member.php?u=8382) Tincs just layed the first clutch! Their seems to be only 2 eggs now, but maybe a third or more are not visible. She is very happy! Mr. Shrom, you said you remove them, what should they look for to know to put them into the water? Thanks for the help!


23rd September 2009, 17:47
Once the frogs are laying, they will often continue to do so. Expect more eggs in small clutches, for several days or weeks. This is especially true if you have a breeding colony with multiple females.

If you don't provide the petri dish or a dark and private spot for them, they may find other locations in the enclosure. Look under leaves.

The reason for using the petri dish and removing it is to keep the eggs clean. If the eggs get dirty or contaminated, they will often develop fungus. If you notice that some eggs have developed fungus but others look healthy, it may help to remove the contaminated eggs very carefully.

Keep the healthy eggs moist until the tadpoles hatch, then immediately transfer the tadpoles (very carefully) to water. It is best to keep these tadpoles individually.

Learn everything you can about care before the eggs hatch. You can start here: http://www.dendroboard.com/forum/care-sheets/14606-dendrobates-azureus-tinctorius-novice.html Improper care or feeding an improper diet will result in poor development and possibly death for the tadpoles.

Good luck and congratulations! :happy:

23rd September 2009, 17:53
Congrats. I just put the petri dish in a delicup with holes in the side for ventilation. Put a little water in the bottom of the dish to maintain humidity. I would keep the eggs moist with enough water in the petridish to touch them or partially submerge them. Of course use dechlorinated water.

Some eggs do better submerged. Some do better just moist.

Their is a thing called first clutch syndrome. The first couple clutches might be small and might not be fertile.