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7th December 2008, 00:42
Please help me, I need to find a very good home for Lucy Axolotl, pink albino female about 2 years old.

I went away for a long time and left her in bad hands - she is now very very thin and but still moves around the tank as usual and doesn't act sick, although I still can't get her to eat anything.

I really want her to be in good expert hands -someone who knows how to look after axolotls well and can give her the care and attention she needs.

I can drop her off (almost!) anywhere in Melbourne. I also have a full tub of meal worms that she can bring along with her.

please let me know if you can help me save Lucy

7th December 2008, 02:59
Not eating anything is acting sick. It's irresponsible to pawn an animal like this off on someone else when she's obviously unwell.

Tim S
7th December 2008, 15:47

It is obvious that you want the best care for your animal. John is right . It isn't fair to pawn a sick animal off onto someone else.

However, you have made a full discloser of the the animal's condition; so, anyone who would be willing to take on this challenge knows what they are getting.

I doubt you will find many takers since most people won't risk contaminating their own animals with possible pathagens.

I suggest you post in the Sick Axolotl section and try to get help nursing your animal back to health.

Mealworms are a poor diet for Axolotls. You might try a variety of different foods to get your animal to start eating again. The best would be whatever the salamander was raised on, if you can find that out.

15th February 2009, 08:09
Is it possible to post pictures? Try worms and see if that works. The worms move around and are large so your axolotl should go for it if she isn't too sick.