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8th December 2008, 11:38
Hi Has anyone used the above programs to locate/document the sites that they have visited and document their finds.
You can add points the map and then save them as a KMZ file and e-mail them to your local Herp group or friends (only reveal the locations of animals to trusted people, not on a public forum like this one - except to PM trusted individual members of course :D)
Please let me know what you think?

8th December 2008, 13:20
I think most of the herpers I know are pretty.... old school. Prefer maps and all. As in, they're all from the "Pre Google" era. I suppose it could be done, even just to document things for yourself. If you do a lot of herping in a general area and would like to document certain sites, I don't see why you couldn't. But I like drawing on maps. Or keeping it all in my head.

8th December 2008, 16:41
I'll be using Google Earth to log my results; but will also keep a diary and include grid references as a back up. I intend to do some field work for NARRS/HCT in my local area for UK protected species, and feel that an archive database of findings will be usefull to plot the sucess/decline of a given location.