View Full Version : Permits, US Fish&wildlife, CITES ect

17th January 2009, 21:03
I have been doing research and was interested in any and all information regarding the legal business ins and outs for what I'd like to do...which is breed and sell axolotls and possibly other caudates in the future. Does anyone have any experience getting CITES Permits? Do I need state and federal permits from Customs or Fish and wildlife? Is there a database that can tell me where axolotls are illegal ect?? Still green around the gills.

17th January 2009, 21:27
You'll only need CITES permits for international sales.

18th January 2009, 01:13
State permits and tax permits vary from state to state. In my state I need a reptile and amphibian breeders license, reptile and amphibian sellers license, and state sales tax permit. Since axolotls are CITES II you only need a cites permit for export or import. If you plan to export or import any amphibians you will also need U.S. Fish and Wildlife Export Import license. Fish and Wildlife is not easy to work with and sometimes it's worth the expense to hire a broker.

State papers have to be filled out to ship to some states. Of the top of my head I'm thinking Hawaii and New Mexico. It's illegal to ship axolotls to N.J. and Calif.