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11th February 2009, 02:38
I hope posting this here is appropriate, if not I do apologize
and do understand if moved.
In the last few years the Blackworm Farms have dwindled down to two. All Blackworms are farmed by either Aquatic Foods or another California supplier.
Contrary to what is being told out there, there are only two Blackworm farms and both are in California

Here are some pics of the Blackworm Farm.

The first pic is of our three production ponds

http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw.jpg (http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw.jpg)

The 2nd is our main harvesting pond. Worms
from the production ponds are moved to the
harvesting pond for 30 days.

http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw2.jpg (http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw2.jpg)

This photo is of our guys harvesting the Blackworms.

http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw3.jpg (http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw3.jpg)

This photo is of our cement purging pond.
Here we leave them for 5-7 days in a bare bottom
cement pond. ( no food allowed)

http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw4.jpg (http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw4.jpg)

This photo is of our indoor falicity. Here we clean a 2nd and 3rd
time. What you see in this pic are 30 100-120 lb holding
tanks. We hold the cleaned worms here for 7-10 days.
Then transport them to our Airport wharehouse where they
are held and chilled down to 40-45 degrees and then shipped
via Fed Ex or out of Los Angeles airport.

http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw5.jpg (http://www.simplydiscus.com/library/foods_nutritions/images/cbw5.jpg)

Anyone with any questions about our Blackworms or ordering
feel free to email to blkworm@aol.com (blkworm@aol.com)

http://aquaticfoods.com/Blackworms.html (http://aquaticfoods.com/Blackworms.html)

11th February 2009, 03:05
I moved it to the Live Food forum. Thanks for posting!

P.S. I think you should set up online ordering!

11th February 2009, 03:57
Hi Jenn
Were working on updating our site.
We're just kind of use to the one to one customer service.
Is there a section thats we can post a Blackworm special
available to Members of Caudata.org?


Aquatic Foods
office 559-291-0623
aquaticfoods.com (http://aquaticfoods.com/)

26th February 2009, 00:59
That special Dan is talking about is here: