View Full Version : Imitative learning in Dwarf ACF

13th March 2009, 18:11
After having had bad luck with my dwarf ACFs last year, with only one individual surviving, I finally took a chance on adding a new frog to her enclosure, a small male. He is active and healthy so far (keeping fingers crossed), and not as terribly skinny as some that I've seen in the pet stores. I suspect they're often malnourished, with tiny stick-like thighs and flat bodies, and that's a contributing factor in their low rate of survival. This guy is looking good. I named him Rock, to go with my girl Rain. (In practice I tend to call them Rain-Girl and Little-Rock.)

Anyway, these guys normally search for food on the tank bottom as they would in the wild, but Rain learned long ago to look for floating food, and she grabs it off the surface with practically no encouragement from me anymore. Rock clearly wasn't used to looking up for food, so I started out handing him softened bits of tubifex cube from the end of a tweezer. It only took two days for him, from watching Rain go to the surface, to learn to do it as well.

I just thought that was pretty cool. These guys are not dumb!