View Full Version : Male and Female Pair of Axolotls for SALE BREEDING AGE

13th April 2009, 23:03
We are downsizing our breeding axis we have a male and female wildtype forsale. We are located on Vancover island and would prefer not to ship them. please contact me at my email if your are interested


18th April 2009, 01:16
Must go asap!!!! It's too crowded in the tank.

25th April 2009, 22:05
I'll take them if they are leucistic, Im in the okanagan, shipping would be necessary.

26th April 2009, 16:27
Wildtype sorry

4th May 2009, 14:22
I'd be interested, but I'm guessing Alberta is too far to ship?

10th May 2009, 17:52
darn, I can't get me anything but wildtypes.
I really would like a little variety.

17th June 2009, 16:12
sent an email :)

8th July 2009, 16:59
I'm in Calgary, Alberta I would really really like one since you mentioned you have wild types. Are you interested in shipping it to Alberta? If you are, I will do whatever I can to research how shipping a pet works from Vancouver to Calgary. Thank you. PS: I sent an email to your email address too


Gavin Hunter
24th October 2009, 22:43
Hi I bought some of marty's lucies and I'm looking to trade some for albinos or pieds or gold/albinos Gavin