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19th April 2009, 05:58
I would never feed tubifex in any form to my pets, frozen, dried, or otherwise, but I thought you all might enjoy seeing them in their natural habitat. Sadly this was the only notable find other than some fossils on my latest herping expedition.

So with out further rambling:


Please pardon the video quality, I was unprepared for underwater filming this day...

26th June 2009, 05:50
Interesting. I've never seen one swimming, mine mostly form a ball-like thing and stay like that for my axies :>

26th June 2009, 13:17
They are interesting critters. I actually collected a sample to culture at home, just to gain the experience. Keep in mind these are very different animals than what is sold as California Blackworms.
Also keep in mind I do not reccomend feeding these to your critters. If I had bothered to film the stream these are in, you would see just how filthy and polluted it is. Tubifex are considered by many to be a major vector for bacteriological and parasitic pathogens.

On the plus side, they are thriving in my dirty tank water. If I could figure out a way to have them tested for nastiness, I would be curious to see what these worms carry pathogen wise.

26th June 2009, 13:31
Its very true. For the most part, Tubifex inhabits polluted and low oxygen waters. When you find them in numbers you can pretty much assume there are no vertebrates around.
However they can also be found in healthy streams as long as they have a good layer of debris. Im unsure as to wether all wild sources are unsuitable for food.

The captive cultured ones seem to be fine. I used them once and had no problems.

26th June 2009, 14:48
Interestingly enough, this stream is shared habitat with quite a few frogs and a turtle:

Rana utricularia
Rana pipiens
Rana catesbeiana
Acris crepitans
Pseudacris sp. (Haven't been able to catch one of these for a positive identity, identified by calls)

Chelydra serpentina present also.