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25th April 2009, 03:44
I have made two purchases of axolotls from WARD'S and I have to recommend them to you all. Great customer service, reasonable prices + shipping next day air (Wild type Axie is $22.95 and only $8 bucks for shipping next day air) Good packaging (nice box, labeled "Live Animal" insulated with Styrofoam, Axolotl in a bag of water with air in it). Plus they throw a nice CD-ROM in with it that explains basic care.

Expect a 1 - 1 1/2 inch Axolotl, cool temp, healthy and happy.


28th April 2009, 18:51
I'm glad to hear everything has happend accordingly. I've ordered from wards 2 times aswell and I never ordered anything agian. 1st time I ordered 2 axolotls, 2nd time I ordered daphnia. The axolotls were too thin and they were missing limbs. LIMBS THAT NEVER GREW BACK! So I know the animals were under much stress for them to not regenerate. I had them for acouple months and no growth at all. It was at this moment that I realized that axolotls don't regrow limbs all the time. A healthy axolotl that lost a limb would have regrown an arm. A long term stressed axolotl won't regenerate a limb which makes good sense to me. Then the daphnia I ordered arrived dead. Be cautious!

28th April 2009, 21:05
Now that kinda makes me wonder if they use different breeders?? I just got my two axies and they arrived the same except for two things, one they are huge compared to the first one I got, and the other things is that the water they were travelled in was pretty dirty.... oh and in informative CD-ROM

Soooo... hmmmm

28th April 2009, 22:56
Getting animals from suppliers like wards you just don't know what your going to get. The two I got back then where totally different in size and way under fed. You can't get any details about its age and what its been fed, I'd rather go to a breeder than to a classroom science supplier. Breeders can give way much more information about the animal and specialize in the animal aswell. Not to mention there's a good amount of breeders that know their stuff right here on Caudata.org, no need to go else where.

29th April 2009, 00:06
Yeah lol I wish I would have thought about finding breeders on here before **Dreaming of owning a golden axie***

I just noticed both my axolotls are missing one foot.... I hope they aren't stressed from their previous environment too much to stunt their regenerative qualities...

Either way I will love my axies, they are just so awesome!! Thinking of peg leg pirate names :rolleyes:

29th April 2009, 04:22
Any problems that I've ever had we're with the postal or shipping co. NEVER with any of my caudata friends.

29th April 2009, 20:27
Wards seems to be really hit or miss, as seems to be the case with most of the Biological supply companies. I've ordered from Ward's twice as well. the first time, I received an A.maculatum that was in fine shape. The next time, I ordered Notos, who ended up being in pretty bad shape.

2nd May 2009, 08:24
I think alot of biological supply companies can offer some great items. Than on the other hand when it comes to their live materials and animals I'd rather pass. There are so many other options than to purchase newts/salamanders from a place like Wards. They have a great catalog that I've looked through many times but always passed through the live animals section. I know someone who ordered N. Maculosus from Wards and it arrived with parasites and later on fell to fungus. When it comes to animals that are seasonal, its allways smarter to purchase them early in the season. If not then you get the animals that have been badly maintained for an undecent amount of time. Risky business.

5th June 2009, 05:39
Ward's has told me that they receive ALL of their axies from the Indiana Colony. I received an albino axie from Ward's a couple of years ago (he's still alive) who arrived in terrible shape. He was missing a couple of limbs (which grew back very strangely- he has two hands on one arm) and his gill fimbraie were almost nonexistant. His fimbraie came back somewhat about a year ago, but then they disappeared again. I monitor my water conditions religiously, so I can definitively say that his lack of fimbraie has nothing to do with the level of care that I have given him. His tank has a minimal filter system, and his black melanoid tankmate has long, beautiful gills with a lot of fimbraie. Two axies living in the same tank- one has beautiful gills, and one does not. We have surmised here on the foums that my albino axie from Ward's had such a traumatic childhood that he is physically damaged for the rest of his life.

NOW, who's at fault here, Ward's or the Indiana Colony? I don't know. I don't know how long Ward's had him before they shipped him to me. He was pretty big (4.5 inches or so) when I received him, so my guess is that he was at Ward's for at least a few months before I received him. I don't think that the Indiana Colony holds onto them for too long- they send them out as babies. But I don't know for sure...

5th June 2009, 14:31
I don't think the Indiana Colony is at fault because they specialize in axolotls and for them to be giving out axolotls in bad shape is bad reputation. Most likely its Wards Natural Science that is at fault. I think they specialize more in business than anything else. Indiana Colony is great for axolotl research and breedings, I hear they're supplying Mexico with a lot of axolotls, to reintroduce them into the wild.

5th June 2009, 15:24
Ward's has told me that they receive ALL of their axies from the Indiana Colony.

This info is probably out of date. The Indiana colony moved quite some time ago.

5th June 2009, 20:06
The IU colony is gone at least 4 years now - I think a few more. They sent their axolotl stock to the University of Kentucky. There's little else in common between them.

30th March 2010, 17:20
I've ordered newts from them a few times and 1 or 2 are real thin when they arrive,but they did replace them for me free,all I did was email them the problem and they ship a replacement.I wouldn't order from them at all if I could find some in the wild.

26th February 2011, 07:28
Has anyone bought salamander eggs from them? Were they viable eggs? Did they ever hatch? Species?

26th February 2011, 10:22
Has anyone bought salamander eggs from them? Were they viable eggs? Did they ever hatch? Species?

there was actually a thread discussing wards salamander eggs, i think the consensus was they aren't worth buying. but check it out:


26th February 2011, 20:45
The Salamander eggs are Spotted salamanders(Ambystoma Maculatum).I asked awhile back at the website.I never ordered any but was thinking of it.

27th February 2011, 20:36
Well I ordered some, will let you know how it goes.

1st April 2011, 18:49
Francois im anxious to know.....did you recieve the salamander eggs from wards yet?How do they look and about how many did they send you?On the web site it says between 30 and 50 eggs.Please keep us informed.

1st April 2011, 21:45
I placed an order, paid, never got a confirmation at all.... so I inquired to later get an email telling me they would not be available till late April even though it did not say so on the site.... so I just cancelled the order. I was not impressed by their customer service, to say the least!

3rd April 2011, 23:17
My first shipment from Wards was incredibly healthy.. This year not as well.... I asked specifically for all females, and ended up with one male, one female, and one that died three days later..... I have been in contact with the lab, and he has been very helpful with me.. He did not GUARANTEE that he would send me all females, just that he would try to pick females for me... which seems to be the case with anyone I've dealt with.... I think with Wards you are better off ordering in late April or early May. They are not allowed to ship with ice packs until then, because they are in Ny, and have the chance of freezing to death with their temps in the post office. The lab tech told me it was a better idea to order later in the season because they would ship them with ice packs... I still have one noto they will send me to replace the dead one, and am getting two yellow spotted sallies later this month... Hopefully this will all work out.