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24th May 2009, 21:23
Terrarium and Cage Construction and Care
Richard and Patricia Bartlett
Barrons 1999
244 pages

I'll start this off with truth: I dislike most Barrons Publications. They tend to be a bit over simplified in my opinion.This book surprised expletives right out of my mouth.

The Bartletts have written quite a few books on various reptiles, amphibians and fish. They are usually pretty close to what you need to know. Not always spot on, but decent enough. This book however is pretty darn good!

If you are new to reptiles and amphibian care or new to DIY vivaria. You need to get this book as soon as possible. While a mere 244 pages, it is jammed full of detailed information in plain English. Anyone can use this book and build some downright nice stuff. Any book that opens up with "DO YOUR RESEARCH!" is already promising. They do not use those words, but the introductory chapter tells you that and more. Safety is paramount, and the very first piece of paper in the book tells you so, and even provides tips.

Indoor. Outdoor. Desert. Forest. Swamp. They touched base on all of them, and constantly remind you that no one book is suitable to cover every aspect of this hobby. They even take a chapter on photography of you animals in their enclosures! Want to do greenhouses? Yes. They have it. Reptiles, amphibians, even fish and birds....they touch base.

While by no means a complete guid to this aspect of herpetoculture, it is a fine reference for novice and expert alike. It also contains valuable sources for more information listed in the back.

Pick this one up, if only for the pictures. Better yet, pick it up and learn something, I did.

7 USD used on Amazon. 13 USD new


24th May 2009, 23:08
Are you and Dawn trying to "out-review" each other? And Johnny, your signature isn't quite as applicable here as it is on the steam forum.

25th May 2009, 00:09
Dawn "challenged" me a while back. I have a large collection of books here, so I accepted. Plus, it has been a slow week at work, great time to brush up on the reading!:D