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big a little a
19th June 2009, 18:14
I just went to Marquatics in Sherwood, Nottingham (UK) to purchase some live bloodworms, as I was advised by another Caudata member than they sell them here.

Pleased to say that I found the proprietor very helpful (he advised me to rinse the bloodworms and put them in aged water before seving to my axie, which, whilst I would have done this anyway, was reassuring that the guy cared enough to advise this) and the prices in there were great - 1.09 for a big bag of live bloodworms and the same price for a bag of 6 live shrimp (which are now making themselves at home in my quarentine tank).

Additonally, there is a vast array of lovely aquarium plants (which again, the proprietor was knowledgable about, advising me which would do best in my axie tank) and lots of different fish...including guppies, which I will be heading back to fill my quarentine tank with!

Zoe x