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5th August 2009, 08:31
I'm currently in the stage where I'm planning out my axolotl's habitat, more specifically listing out the materials to buy and then set it all up once I return home.

For the tank, I read that axolotls require a cooler climate and am currently considering one of those aquairums meant for nano reefs since they include a cooler.

I was considering something along the lines of this:

This is just an option that I'm considering despite the price tag. My only concern is that of the lights, wondering if they can be changed to one for freshwater and also wondering if anyone's had a similar experience since my searches on this site came up with virtually nothing =P

big a little a
5th August 2009, 19:04
I've not seen these tanks before - one thing I would be concerned about is if it breaks, that's both your tank and cooler gone. What I mean by this is, if for example, my tank started to leak, I could just get a new tank and transfer my cooler to the new tank - if this happened to that tank, that's both the tank and cooler gone.

It says it's a fan cooler - you could just buy an aquarium fan very cheaply and then just get a normal tank and save yourself quite a bit of money. Though I'm not positive that's what a "fan cooler" is...any ideas anyone?

Zoe x