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7th September 2009, 02:26
Hi all, I've had my axolotl Sharky aka Smudges about 6 or 7 months now, by using advice on this forum he/she seems very healthy. The tank is a 60l juwel model, with the filter/heater housing built into the corner. The filter flow was very strong and not adjustable so I made a spray bar out of aquarium tubing + tied some plastic plants around it, and it seems to work great.

It's a Juwel compact biofilter. I unplugged it recently, and forgot to plug it back till the next day, and as soon as it was back on, it's been making this spluttery gurgley noise and spitting air along with water.
I can't find any info online on how the filter actually works and I'm stumped!
I took it apart and gave it a good clean out, nothing trapped in there. I'm sure the noise is coming from air going through it, not a mechanical noise. In the first photo the arrow is pointing to the thing making most of the noise, the little hole on top, spluttering away. The rest of the new noise is from bubbles being forced through the holes in the spray bar. It never used to produce bubbles before, except where the pumped water hit the surface.
That hole on top is the only way air can be getting in, I'm sure. There's a bubbler in there too, but the bubbles aren't getting sucked into the filter intakes.
If the hole on top is submerged (by having the water level RIGHT at the top of the tank) it runs nice and quietly, like it did before. But I'm sure it's not meant to be submerged, as the "max water level" (second photo) leaves it well uncovered. plus having the water that high means my tank slowly leaks from the surface movement.
I wonder what that hole is even for?

It's really noisy! Sounds like someone using a toilet, in my room :D
Sharky doesn't seem affected by the new noise but I sure am :P
Hope someone could be bothered reading all this, and and can help me!

14th September 2009, 00:54
i think you need to clean some of his parts

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