View Full Version : UV lights ok for axies?

7th September 2009, 13:14
Hi ya,
Knowing that axies are sensitive to light I was wondering if that applies to blacklight, too? Was thinking of getting one for my tank as my black glows purple and my beige has a great pattern under blacklight, but are they bothered by it? Doesn't the zoo use blacklight to view nocturnal animals? The light I've got in there at the moment is way too bright so I never use it.


7th September 2009, 13:40
Have a look at this thread.


7th September 2009, 13:54
Sooooo it should be ok to get a low watt black light if I only use it for a few minutes at a time eg, when showing off to friends or feeling particularly in need of an axie grin?

The thread was a bit confusing with all the different species mentioned... so is this a good interpretation?

7th September 2009, 13:56
and thanks for the reply by the way!!

8th September 2009, 03:02
UV light exposure should be minimal and not for prolonged periods. Availability of hiding spots for shade is a necessity.

13th September 2009, 19:32
Axolotls have an ultraviolet sensor in their retina.The light is black to you but may be a very bright light to them. I suggest like others you use it sparingly.