View Full Version : What night of the week would be best for a "scheduled" chat "event" ?

20th September 2009, 14:49
I am including a poll with this post. I am curious as to what night of the week people would be interested in a scheduled chat event.

When I say event, I refer to something like a pre-set time period where a group of (volunteer) heavy hitters from the community would be available for a specific topic.

For example: a topic like "Live Foods Culturing" or "Housing for terrestrial Ambystomidae.

Go ahead and post suggestions, requests, et cetera in the thread!

20th September 2009, 15:39
Seems like a great idea, but I wonder how many people the chat room can cater for?

20th September 2009, 17:20
Splendid idea. I didn't vote, because most of those would be OK for me. In general, Saturdays are the least likely to be attended, as people tend to have activities. I think perhaps the time could be chosen for the convenience of the person who organizes the event (*cough*johnny*cough*), or could be chosen on the basis of site stats - the days/times that the site is most heavily used.

The other consideration here is that a large fraction of users are in Europe, where the time is typically ~8 hours later than in the US. Times will either need to be do-able on both sides of the Atlantic, or perhaps 2 chats could be scheduled for each topic.

We've had 15 or more people in the chat at once, but I don't know what its practical limit is. John may be able to find out. Or we can just put it to the test!

20th September 2009, 17:41
I'm definately up for this, if we can work out a UK time. I'm willing to work round whatever suits others in the UK or similar timw zone. (though I have to admit unday mornings are usually a clear time for me). Looking forward to hearing more about the online gathering.

20th September 2009, 19:02

20th September 2009, 19:26
I'm on chat during the afternoon most week days. I voted friday though, because I usually stay on for a couple hours after school on friday nights.

20th September 2009, 22:06
I doubt we'll ever approach the limit.

20th September 2009, 22:39
I have the advantage of being awake late nights US Time...so I think I can work with Euro and Aussie members to have events at reasonable times for them too!;)

Now we just have to come up with some topics!

21st September 2009, 11:50
If there is enough interest, I would like to set up an "Experimental" Event for Friday 25 SEP 09.

Truthfully, I can do any day of the week, except Sunday. I work a mandatory 12 hour shift each Sunday night, so the day is for sleeping.

As of right now, I am not sure enough folks are interested though.

21st September 2009, 12:21
I'll aim to pop in ...

21st September 2009, 14:19
Hey if it's on a Friday night I might try and be in there. Any ideas on what the topic will be?

21st September 2009, 15:23
Since this one is experimental, I am thinking sticking to the basics.

Here is what I have brainstormed down in between these wonderful treatments for my feet (tangled with the wrong end of a live circuit the other day, burnned a few holes in me boots and feet:p)

Possible Topics for Chat Discussion Event:

Water Chemistry and how not to Nuke it

Breeding Caudates: from eggs to all those extra juveniles you do not know what to do with

Field Herping Horror Stories: What not to do from the people that did it!

House of 1000 (cricket) Corpses: Why growing your own live foods is a hobby in itself

Feild Herping: Weather makes it Better!

Ambystoma: Tigers in your basement!

Cynops: Friendly Fire (bellies)

Vivaria: Choosing adhesives, paints and plastics

Of course, now that I read over the list, I suspect the meds may be influencing me:p

Anyone else have some ideas?

21st September 2009, 18:29
Multiple answers for the poll might've been more helpful - so many days in the week! Anyhoo it's a fine initiative and hope it works out.


21st September 2009, 20:17
How are you thinking of doing this Johnny?..I have visions of you being bombarded with a zillion questions. Some 'ground rules' will need to be set I think, like how questions are asked etc. Would it be an idea for any one joining in with this that they maybe pm you with what they may want to ask/ discuss?

21st September 2009, 20:43
I'll probably be there.

21st September 2009, 22:26
How are you thinking of doing this Johnny?..I have visions of you being bombarded with a zillion questions. Some 'ground rules' will need to be set I think, like how questions are asked etc. Would it be an idea for any one joining in with this that they maybe pm you with what they may want to ask/ discuss?

I think something along these lines sounds like a good plan.

21st September 2009, 23:27
You'd better appease the raving masses of axolotl fans with at least one axie topic;)

21st September 2009, 23:40
I think this a wonderful idea and hopefully will restore the main reason for having chat in a caudata site.

Friday night is a good time IMO, and I will definitely try to attend. I will not be a "heavy hitter" but will be there as a sponge. ;) (you can never know too much!)


22nd September 2009, 02:37
Friday night is my late night at work, and they block chat sites on the computers so I will not be attending. I do look forward to hearing about it though!

22nd September 2009, 02:38
To revoice what Midnight said, I also think this is a wonderful idea :happy: I put my vote in for Friday as well.

As far as regulating/directing the conversation, it might be a good idea to have someone act as a discussion moderator (taking into account pm requests made before-hand as well as general direction of the conversation the day of). This person could be in charge of making sure people stay on topic, deciding when all has been said and to move on to the next topic, etc.

It might be easier to make a discussion schedule/agenda based on pm requests and then to have an "open floor" at the end to allow for questions that didn't fit into the predetermined categories.

Of course, these are just suggestions. Feel free to utilize or ignore them. Either way, I look forward to the event :D

22nd September 2009, 16:33
Friday is a GO! I have scheduled two events to try this whole project out. Please see the posts for each of those events for more information.

While we are at it, lets get that chat room full of members! I plan to be in chat early for certain, and will remain on in between the two events.

22nd September 2009, 16:47
You can find the axolotl chat even here (http://www.caudata.org/forum/showthread.php?t=64464) and the terrestiral vivarium event here (http://www.caudata.org/forum/showthread.php?t=64465) to post your questions.

24th September 2009, 14:53
So...just to clarify...does this mean that Aussies log in 10-12 hours later than the Fri night scheduled US time?
MA :confused:

24th September 2009, 21:33
From your point of view, yes.

24th September 2009, 22:38
Once I get back to my normal schedule (next week), I will host events for both Europe and Australia. I have decided that, given current events, it is very important to make sure most everyone here has access to the instant information chat provides.

I really enjoy interacting with everyone in the community and think that the more we all communicate, the better off our critters are.

Even if these events fail miserably, I am going to make an effort to be available in chat more often. I hope that everyone will do the same. It is a function that properly utilized can greatly enhance the Caudata.org family of sites for everyone.

I would like to add that I have heard some people feel their questions are "too dumb" or "too basic" to ask. This is a fallacy of the worst kind. If you have a question for chat, odds are so do quite a few others. Feel free to PM me the questions if you do not want to post them. The more information we all share, the better!

I am hoping chat will be filled with so many people with questions and answers I will have to open up windows on all six of my computer monitors to keep up.

25th September 2009, 21:35
Just a reminder folks!

Tonight is the night!

We are a mere Three hours away from the start of the chat events! (as of the time of this posting at 1630!)

Log into chat early and make sure you have it functioning properly on your computer! You may need to update your Flash driver!

Be ready for all sorts of useful information! We have not gotten many questions in but there is still time to do so!

We will open up answering the pre-posted questions first, then free things up for a little free-form caudate conversation.

It appears a good number of the moderators and caudate "pros" will be on hand to answer your questions and trade tips with you!

See you there!

30th September 2009, 12:05
The Next Event experiment(s) will be for the Australian and European time zones. I am tentatively planning these for next week. (Second week of October) My work schedule easily allows me to host Aussie time zone events. As for European Time zone events, I have a bit more research to do on this.

I have quite a list of lessons learned from the first experiment. I have also noticed that Sunday is a very popular day. Currently my work schedule does not permit me to host a Sunday Event. Perhaps <cough cough> a few volunteers would be willing to help out on this.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported this endeavor. I believe in a very short period of time, we will not need to schedule events anymore, as folks will feel more comfortable logging in for Caudate related Discussion.

In the meantime, I challenge all of you to log in to chat and become familiar with the functions available there. And while you are at it, have a conversation with your fellow enthusiasts!

oregon newt
30th September 2009, 20:32
I think it would be great if the social groups here got together in the chat one night and talked about what their specific group was based on. I just created one for Taricha Enthusiasts and it would be awesome if the people in the group sometime in the distant future got together to talk about breeding them.

30th September 2009, 20:53
This is an excellent idea!. I feel the Founders of those groups should organize such events though!

oregon newt
30th September 2009, 22:12
That's what I was thinking. You have enough to do. ;)

1st October 2009, 04:31
I have also noticed that Sunday is a very popular day. Currently my work schedule does not permit me to host a Sunday Event. Perhaps <cough cough> a few volunteers would be willing to help out on this.

Hey Johnny, my work schedule easily allows me to do this so I could do this one if you'd like. Heck I practically live in there while I am work anyways, might as well put me to use.

1st October 2009, 11:27
Sounds like a good plan to me! Run with it!

28th April 2010, 14:59
The chat I attended way back when was great. Are we going to pick this back up?

Mac Myers
28th April 2010, 15:24
I'd love to sit in (Lurk) and keep my mouth shut. Or at least be able to read a transcript.

28th April 2010, 21:18
I don't have a problem with it.

28th April 2010, 22:38
Sounds like a good plan to me! Run with it!

I'm going to start another thread on this topic.